Your Original Face - Family Constellations

Led by Charaka Satyam 30th June - 3rd July 

We will take a journey together past images to our Original Face.

Family Constellations is a healing of the family soul, restoring the flow of love. In many cases this is blocked in generations before. With this work it is possible to go to the roots of your current situation and see where it may be entangled with past generations. Maybe someone needs to be included, something needs to be acknowledged or seen which has caused the flow of love to no longer move freely. Over the three days you will have a chance to do your own work and also to represent in the work of others.

We each have a bright light.

Sometimes that light is dim.

The past, even the unknown past, 

Holds us on a certain frequency;

We cannot fly;

The opening is too small, too narrow.

When what needs to be acknowledged 

In the family is seen

The opening can expand allowing our wings to fully unfold and fly.

by Charaka 

In this little poem I write my feelings about this work of Family Constellations. In over 20 years of being in the work I am still amazed at its truth. It's like a gift that has come to us when we feel hopeless and like nothing can help us.

This will be a three-day group allowing space for us to do everyone's work. The journey will be enriched by the use of meditations, healing journeys, art, laughter, camp fires, hot tub, time at the incredible Mwnt Beach and in the surrounding nature. 

Dates: 30 June arrival after 4pm, ending 3rd June at 3pm.

Cost:  £399 Early Bird booking before April 10th £360 (option to pay by instalments)

Accommodation: prices vary according to what you would like and need:

£225-£315 for three nights including all your food.

£10 discount BYO bed linen.

We have 1-2 camping places for small tents costing £150 for three nights including all food.

For all retreat enquires and bookings please contact Patsy:

Day only participants food £25 a day + contribiution towards the venue.

To talk about the work contact Charaka 07906 883958 or email

About Charaka

Charaka has over 25 years' experience of facilitating of groups and teaching. She herself trained with founder of this work Bert Hellinger. She like to weave modalities together and draws from the depths of her years holding space for the healing others.  

For more information about Charaka and her work please visit her website: