Madarch a Gwymon

Mushroom & Seaweed

Summer Retreat with Meriel

21 - 23 July, 2023

Yoga, meditation, breathing practices, sea swims, Chinese tea ceremony, Japanese meals from locally cultivated mushrooms & seaweed, hot tub, coastal running, fire-side crafting & foraging.

Earth sovereignty - the land is royal and so are you.


To complement our somatic yoga and meditation practice we invite you to explore an environmental community whilst on retreat here. We live amongst visionary enviromentalists, passionate land-protectors and inspiring food producers. The sustainability of your personal energy and wellbeing benefits from integratation with the wider enviroment around you. All meals will be prepared from produce cultivated in sychrony with the natural world right here in West Wales - from friends growing mushrooms, harvesting seaweed and also from you on a guided forage around Felinganol. This w/e aspires to share the Earth Sovereignty ethos with you to nourish and support your experience.


My Yoga practice draws from somatic practices unravelling patterns of tension and exploring release and relaxation as a font of cretaivity and healing within us. BUT I do also like to sweat too, so you will also be able to choose from some optional activities that invigorate and enliven me energetically  - trail running & sea swimming.

Earth Crafts

We built Felinganol by hand using the resources and natural materials of the land right here - mud, clay, cow pats, straw, slate, moss, Douglas Fir and Oak. Something calls us to make the nessecities of life with our own bodies, something deep within us. To accompany our fire circle evenings you are invited to whittle a greenwood spoon to take home with you.

Tea Ceremony

Chajin Claire invites you to a tea ceremony. This anceint tradition of serving tea in silence offers us a collective experience of sensory mindfulness and quiet communion to really taste and feel her medicinal energy.


Simple plant-based Japanese meals sourced from local mushroom growers and seaweed cultivators, group foraging walks and our organic gardens will be served twice a day. There will be herbal drinks, porridge and some seasonal fruit available in the morning.

All activites are optional and you are invited to join this retreta and dip in and out of offerings. We support anyone joining who feels to priorities rest. To book afternoon sessions with our Maethu complementary therapists please contact  them directly.

Local friends supporting this retreat:

Chajin Clair - Cha-Doa tea ceremony chajin.

Tamsin Gear - greenwood crafter.

Mushrooms by Hyphea Shrommery

Seaweed by Câr-y-Môr

Tamsin Gear - greenwood crafter & forager for well-being.