Cha Dao Tea Ceremony

26th Febuary 2023 10am-11.30

Cha Dao Chinese Tea Ceremony

We are glad to share this sensory experience, ritual of mindfulness and presence in our woodland space.

Cha Dao “The Way of Tea” Is a practice that comes from ancient Chinese lineage. It has been used since its discovery by the Daoists and Sages as a form of medicine and a way to cultivate awakened presence, sustaining long states if mediation. Tea is a plant teacher, a spirit of Nature, manifested through this Leaf and awakened by hot water. Used in ceremony, it is a dance between the elements, a sensory exploration of presence, where everything is connected to space. Tea meets us exactly where we are and gives exactly what is needed. She is graceful, strong, compassionate teacher. Every ceremony is completely unique unto itself and deeply moving.

Chajin Claire serves tea from the Cha Dao traditions via donations only. Please pre-book as she only serves a maximum of 12 people so numbers are limited.

Facebook: Be Still Flow


Chajin Claire will serve tea until round 10-11.30am (end time depending on numbers)

Park mindful of others arriving behind you.

Felinganol Woodland Retreat, Caemorgan Rd, Cardigan SA43 1QX


Shawl, blanket, cushions. You will be sitting in most of the time.

A gold coin or 2 towards Felinganol rounhouse heating.