The Venue

Felinganol is a forest retreat and studio space near Mwnt beach and Cardigan town, West Wales. Close to the Pembrokeshire coastal path it’s located amongst stunning untouched beaches, valleys and forestlands.

We offer practice space in our beautiful woodland studio and on the land for weekly Yoga classes, monthly movement and creative meets, workshops, weekend and occasional weeklong retreats. The studio’s under-floor heating and large wood-burner make it a warm special place for practice and reflection. Guests enjoy the simple magic of a flickering fire-circle and wood-fired hot tub under the stars.

Felinganol eco retreat cabins offer immersion in nature. We cater from both our own organic garden making our own jams and chutneys. We aim to source from local organic producers whenever possible.

The round studio has been hand-built using straw-bale and lime by Felinganol family and friends using local natural materials favouring a breathing, organic structure that reflects Yoga practice! By using natural materials and sustainable products we avoid highly refined, petro-chemicals and energy-hungry recourses.

All cabins have electricity, lamps and heaters. Some have sinks and all are with a few yards of a flush or compost toilet. All have beautiful views. The studio has lighting, electricity point and music facilities.

Dolphins, otters, heron, red kites, barn owls, bats, buzzards, frogs and rare orchids all allow us to share these rich and diverse lands. We enjoy bird call , river song, pure water and clean air all year round.

Felinganol, in West Wales, is set in a small valley of pasture and tranquil woodlands, through which flows the river Mwldan. Where?

Accommodation in the newly hand built wooden cabins offers quiet seclusion, close to nature, while the old stone house provides a warm communal kitchen and other facilities. Large shared room in the house is also available for up to 3 people, and camping on the meadow is also a wonderful way to enjoy the spirit of the place.

The sea is not far away, with its cliffs and beaches, the coastal path, and the medieval chapel of Eglwys y Grog. The round, pillared studio is a deeply nurturing place to move, practise or work, built entirely by hand from natural materials resourced on site or locally has underfloor heating and a wood burning stove.

Felinganol is quiet, it feels old, this deep sense of presence resonates as herons nest in the Mwldan river flowing through, owls calling at dusk, fire-flickering as the stars spread across

the sky above us. This feeling of ancient natural rites and the simplicity of natural beauty is what we recapture in ourselves when we make Yoga. Our original energy and peace.

"Europe's top ten loveliest hidden beaches" This is our nearest beach Mwnt (5 mins) and a very special place indeed. Fantastic for dolphins and seal-spotting, reflecting on the giant expanses of sky, sea space and light or diving into the zesty waters. This untouched gem of the West Wales coastline is the ideal complement to a morning/ afternoon making Yoga. It's on the coastal path & has a simple cafe in Spring-Summer.