Tua’r Tarddiad / Towards the Source

 Cai Tomos

15-17 July 2022 

Tua’r Tarddiad / Towards the Source

Creativity is inherent within us. It’s voice is always there, somewhere, seeking expression in the most vibrant times of life, and the most difficult. It emerges from somewhere, often unknown. It has it’s own time and rhythm and way of calling our attention. It can be a comfort, a companion, and a challenge to get to know what it is that makes our heart alive, what wakes us up, and what makes us sing inside.

Creativity shows itself in the way our body moves in good conversations with another, the way gesture, tone of voice, a blink of an eye, all move back and fourth to an unknown rhythm. At its heart, creativity is a mystery but there are ways we can call it in by simply listening. The intention perhaps may be to simply offer creativity a space within us, and a time, so it can teach us, and guide us right into the very present, by hanging out, and joining deeply to the rhythms that move us.

There will be simple offerings of guided practices of moving, writing, drawing, walking and resting in the company of the environment of Felinganol, its surrounding nature, and each other.

Enquiries about retreat content/workshop: caitomos@me.com

Cai Tomos

Cai is Independent Dance artist and Art Psychotherapist. He has worked both nationally and internationally as a dancer and choreographer. His practice spans from dancing and making, to facilitating arts and health work with people of all ages both in hospitals and in theatre settings. He runs an Elders Performance Company CAIN in North Wales and offers workshops in the UK and abroad. He has been artist in residence at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, and works for Entelechy arts as an independent artist. Improvisational practices are at the heart of his work supporting people to develop and discover their own movement language and vocabulary. 

Cai Tomos  (he/him / fo/fe)

MA Integrative arts Psychotherapist

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Independent Artist