Felinganol visitors say...

" a heartwarming and beautiful retreat, deep in the forest surrounded by huge trees and flowing water. A very special place with soul." Poppie Skold

"Thank you so much for a wonderful morning on Saturday. It was very special to be able to practise Yoga in your woodland studio. You encouraged me to explore on so many levels. It was a great way to work on Svadyaya." Stephanie

"Meriel and Pete have created a warm welcoming retreat, nestled in a beautiful hidden valley in west wales. Felinganol is a great place to relax, refresh your senses and get in touch with nature. It's so nice to know that this magic place exists as a sanctuary from what can be a crazy world. The yoga course I took combined creative workshops with yoga, which was a great way to link the body and mind through meditative drawing and clay work. One of the days as part of the course we went out for a meditation walk along the clifftops, and as a group did some yoga up there, The warrior pose was very powerful and whenever I do the position now I always think of the view we saw, the immense stretch of ocean, the blue sky, the warmth of the sun and the dark rocks. Waking up in the morning to do yoga in the Roundhouse is a treat." Erin MacAirt

"Thank you very much for the workshop, I really enjoyed sharing yoga practice in your beautiful oasis of tranquility. I felt welcomed and free to just "be". Hari Om." Giulia Terrile

"Beautiful and peaceful surroundings to practice yoga. I made some lovely new friends and also found art - the ability to draw well which I never believed I had, not even as a child."

Harnake Hunspal