Based in West Wales, Meriel shares a subtle approach to movement and yoga associated with Vanda Scaravelli. This way of practicing cultivates presence and vitality by attending to the quality and refinement in the movement and breath one experiences. We are able to be dynamic if needed and address functional movements in our lives whilst still touching on quietness within.

Exploring movement as a way to deeply release patterns of tension we experience a type of wholeness or ease of being. The multi-facted strengths attended to by this approach are radically different from stressful overextension and over-exertion. Subtlety allows 'our best energy' rather than our 'most'. Postural curiosity returns to us a state of grace and natural vibrancy.


Meriel also facilities TCTSY privately as a body-based yoga intervention for people who've experienced chronic inter-relational trauma. TCTSY is researched & continues to evolve with Dr Bessel Van de Kolk's team at the Trauma Centre, Justice Institute, Boston. Meriel is committed to offering trauma-informed yoga and spaces for all. For more info please see https://www.yogaintherapy.com

Her teachers

Meriel works with anyone at all who is interested regardless of experience. Her approach is inspired by the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli as taught to her by Scaravelli's long term student Diane Long and her student Christine Borg.

Felinganol Woodland Retreat

Meriel Goss is a UK based independent Yoga practitioner and facilitator. She offers individual & group classes, workshops and retreats at her woodland retreat studio and other venues around West Wales & beyond. Working within a releasing approach to Hatha Yoga Meriel resources from a diverse range of somatic awareness & body/mind practices.

Creative practice

This work crosses the boundaries of Yoga, improvisation and meditation. Meriel is interested in non-stylised movement simply allowed to occur and encourages students toward uncultivated forms and feeling states within the Yoga traditions. Collaborating with artists, movement and therapeutic practitioners we draw from a trust in our own inner resources and curiosity. Yoga becomes a movement meditation and awareness practice. Meriel's diverse interests that may be present in her teaching include Skinner Releasing Technique, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais, cooking, writing, drawing and mark-making, gardening and bouldering (rock-climbing).