Pembrokeshire coastal retreat - St Davids

exploring Scaravelli coastal retreat

resilience & delicacy in practice

Trefacwn country house estate

Nr St Davids, Pembrokeshire National Park West Wales

1st-4th March 2018

Days to wonder... and wander... in a beautiful place.

How do we explore grace and types of strength in our practice and in life? How can refining, beginning again, letting go of habits guided by curiosity fortify you? Meriel's offers guidance through hands-on work and suggestions toward the language within the body of depth and vitality. Meriel shares from her own personal practice within the present moment something of how she interprets her teacher's Diane Long & Christine Borg's insights into a Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli.

Trefacwn is a very special place. We're so happy to invite you to join us to relax in comfort and explore. A beautiful 4 acre country house estate on the edge of Pembrokeshire National Park with ocean views & the stunning Pembrokeshire coastal paths within a short distance make it perfect for us. Aberreidy, Blue Lagoon and secret beaches are nearby whilst the sauna in a walled garden next to natural lilly-pad swimming pool is a dreamy way to rejuvenate through the afternoons.
More info http://www.trefacwn.co.uk/

Vanda Scaravelli cultivated a quiet and entirely radical shift in Yoga practice and taught only a handful of students herself. Scaravelli suggested through hands-on instruction and unpredicatable appraoches a way of working that attends to our best energies. This is a Yoga that avoids pushing and pulling in favour of listening and following the language of ourselves alive. Meriel Goss works closely with Diane Long one of Scaravelli's few long-term students and a vital source in interpreting this intuitive and revolutionary approach. She draws also from Christine's Borg charismatic sharing of Diane's present teahcing. Meriel also trains in TCTSY facilitation with Dr Bessel Van de Kolk's Trauma Centre, Justice Institute, Boston working towards offering trauma-informed yoga and places for all.

Yoga with Meriel 10am-1pm Fri, Sat, Sunday.

Home-made vegan (mostly organic) meals & snacks 

Dorm £315, twin £355, double £355, small single  £370, bigger single £385

Prices includes optional evening meditation & sauna. Deposits £50 to merielgoss@hotmail.com 

Cottage rentals are a great value way to join this retreat with family or friends. Cottages are available if you'd prefer to join with children/partners/carers/pets or in a friendship group. Cottage bookings are for a week direct through Trefacwn website then sending your Yoga and catering numbers/deposits to merielgoss@hotmail.com. Venue pics & info http://www.trefacwn.co.uk