Energise your body. Unite your faculties. Still your mind. Relax.

T H E   P R A C T I C E
Tues & Fri slightly longer time/space for questions & meditation. Includes physical assists.
Trauma-informed classes welcoming requests for no-touch practice.
Reductions with block booking classes - please ask.

Contact: Meriel Goss 01239 621 702 / 07930 352 855 merielgoss@hotmail.com
F E L I N G A N O L  W O O D L A N D   R E T R E A T   Caemorgan Road, Cardigan SA43 1QX

refugee-week fundraiser yoga & thai feast 21st june £20

This Yoga is a revitalising and relaxing body/mind practice for anyone interested in their own well being no matter what their experience, background, body-shape or ability.

Classes explore posture, the relationship between your spine and your breathing and how this can to be applied to your everyday life.

Students are encouraged to be attentive toward their movement habits by developing awareness of unhelpful patterns of tension. Learn to resource your bio-mechanical movement from something more intuitive within, something nurturing, bringing a sense wholeness.

This approach is inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli interpreted by her student Diane Long amongst others. Meriel is indebted to her teachers Diane Long & Christine Borg for sharing this liberating curiosity.

This approach to Yoga is not for those interested in perfecting stretches, performing and achieving poses. This is a path toward your true nature, your beauty and your grace. This is a freedom for all.

Meriel first learnt Yoga in a domestic setting with Sumita and the whole Midha family in their home in Bristol and on trips together to India. This was a Yoga of philosophy over dinner, poetry on an evening stroll and a sense of sharing and learning together. Day-to-day life and Yoga were not separated in a studio - they were one unified thing - a way of living. Later, training formally to teach with the BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) Meriel began working with Billy Doyle who introduced a more subtle practice which eventually led to the Scaravelli practice she works with today.

Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli's teachings Meriel classes share influence from a range of somatic practices that direct attention toward an rich but unknowable, indefinable source of well-being & enquiry within; Authentic Movement, Skinner Releasing Technique, Feldenkries, improvisation techniques, non-dualist meditation traditions.

Whilst working with physical assists in class Meriel aspires to keep Yoga facilitation trauma-informed at Felinganol welcoming any request for no-touch tuition/practice. Since partaking in introductory training with David Emerson of the Trauma Centre, Boston she hopes to begin full training with TCTSY methodology and research 2016-17.

Felinganol works to host and invite a range of teachers to West Wales working within a Scaravelli tradition and/or with a special interest in the creative process and practice.
The landscape of Felinganol forests and studio infuse the practice or whatever happens here – chopping wood, managing the land, planting and harvesting offer up their own lessons in the efficiency of movement needed, observing the shift of the elements and surrounding organic forms a constant source of guidance and inspiration.

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Directions from Cardigan
Go through Tesco traffic lights towards Penyparc/Aberystwyth BUT take 1st left onto Caemorgan rd (the left after that is for the recycling centre/Quarrey). Follow the road as it curls to the right past Caemorgan Mansion, keep going. The road passes a number of farms and homesteads, it's wiggly, there's a sharp left turn where you can see the Sand Quarry ahead on the right side - keep going! Felinganol is near, a clear sign on left for Felinganol track, come all the way down and park thoughtfully for others and walk acros the lawn along the river up a path into Pines to the 'Studio' - a beautiful woodland Studio.

Also roads from Penyparc/Aberporth, from Mwnt and Ferwig/Gwebert.