Pain Workshop

Pete Blackaby Yoga workshop;

The management of pain and injury in yoga practice

July 1st 2016 Felinganol 10am - 4pm £55

During the last twenty years or so there has been a marked change in notions of how pain needs to be managed, in particular chronic pain. This comes in part from the needs of an aging population and in part from recent research into the mechanism of pain within individuals. At the same time there has been growing recognition that many of the findings that show up on x-rays, MRI Scans and the like are often very poorly correlated to pain. This workshop will explore in detail the implications these findings have for the yoga teacher and practitioner.

Author of 'Intelligent Yoga: Re-educating the Mind and Body', Pete has been teaching yoga since 1983. His continuing enquiry into the subject has led him to approach yoga from a humanistic perspective. He is also qualified in Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Cranial Osteopathy. He currently practices as an Osteomyologist as well as being a yoga teacher. See

Please contact to book your place on this workshop. Pete is a highly respected teacher and early booking is essential. Those attending Pete's retreat at Felinganol that w/e need to book separetely and will be allocated accommodation after the workshop has finished.

1 place available