North Norway Retreat Summer 2019

The Living Mountain

27th July - 1 st August

With Meriel Goss & Simon Barkworth





Sea swims

Waterfall walks



Silent pilgrimage.

“Here then may be lived a life of the senses so pure, so untouched by any mode of apprehension but their own, that the body may be said to think.” - Nan Shepherd

Retreat into this pristine natural environment with Yoga and movement sessions to relax, release tension and explore how you are involved with and informed by nature? We will venture into the untouched Artic landscape that holds us, wander through forests that open toward mountains ranges that fall into the ocean, with more than 600 islands. Sparkling beaches and pure clear waters offer organic forms and inspiration that may resource us or return us to nature.

Our lovely Lillian creates such a cosy space for our morning yoga practice but it is the environment around her home that invites opportunities to relax, discover or respond creatively in the afternoons. Lillian sources all produce for our meals locally often from her neighbours and shares a wealth of local knowledge and folklore magic.

Following Nan Shepherd's 'The Living Mountain' we will take a daily mindfull walk inspired by her encouragement to meander and stroll quietly guided by our senses. Sensory walking will move us towards a final pilgrimage - a silent mountain walk or ascent depending on ability.

Yet often the mountain gives itself most completely when I have no destination, when I reach nowhere in particular, but have gone out merely to be with the mountain as one visits a friend with no intention but to be with him.”

- Nan Shepherd

All offerings are open to everyone regardless of background or experience. No Yoga, movement or arts background needed.

Afternoon somatic sessions invite you to move outside perhaps to experiment with making, drawing, sketching and sculpting. These sessions are optional. You may choose to wander off, rest or explore the island in your own way gathering for evening meditation before dinner.

'Having disciplined mind and body to quiescence, I must discipline them also to activity. The senses must be used... Each of the senses is a way in to what the mountain has to give.'

- Nan Shepherd

Simon's art practice is inspired by our relationships to colour, form, organic structures, materials and their processes. He is interested in the way art can challenge our perceptions of the material world including ourselves. He has exhibited in UK, Switzerland and South Korea.

Meriel and Simon, both students of Diane Long, share a subtle approach to vitality in movement and yoga associated with Vanda Scaravelli. This way of practicing cultivates presence by attending to the quality and refinement in the movement and breath one experiences.

In deeply releasing patterns of tension we experience a type of wholeness or ease of being that may allow a creative response.

Meriel's creative passion draws from movement, improvisation, writing and the sensitive poetic nature of observation.


Singles £1010pp

Twins £870pp

Double £870pp

Trebles - 1 Room with double & singles £830pp

Stables - £750pp (small individual bed spaces)


Yoga, meditation, somatic sessions with Meriel Goss & Simon Barkworth, sauna, mountain hike, all-inclusive accommodation, all meals, hot drinks, snacks, linen, towels and transfers from boat to Lillian's.


Arriving - Saturday 27th July boat 6pm Bodø-Helnessund arriving with Lillain at 7.15pm.

Departing - Thursday 1st August 8.15am riven in Bodø 9.25am.

Please arrange directly with Lillian at the Nordic Boutique Barn if you wish to extend your stay, either before or after the retreat

Not included: Flights to Bodø, return boat from Bodø-Helnessund.

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