Kinship Retreat

Kinship With All Life

26th to 28th July 2019

Felinganol Woodland Retreat

A weekend Immersion in Remembering Ourselves as part of Wild Nature

A workshop and retreat dedicated for practitioners of holistic medicine

Come and be guided into a slower, ancient and primordial way of being where our senses awaken to the beauty all around us.

Through story, movement and stillness practices, we will be finding our way to the meeting places where flexible, deep belly strength and the exquisite sensitivity of the heart field come together.

Bringing us into potent, responsive and right relationship with our truest selves and all those we hold dear.

Leading us to a deeply felt sense of our place in the web of life on this beautiful planet, a remembering of ourselves as one of the ‘myriad wild things things of this world’.

And in the alchemy of this meeting place, we open naturally to the symphony of our wild kin.

This fully residential workshop is guided by Catriona Macdonald. She will be sharing techniques developed over 30 years working with animals and people as osteopath, healer and communicator.

Delicious vegetarian food, lovingly prepared. Wood fired hot tub.

Fees £320 to £365 depending on single or shared accommodation.

For more information and to secure your place, please email or call Catriona directly on 07792248962.

More information on this and other courses offered is also available on the Fb page Re-embracing Kinship