Homing - Cai Tomos

Adjective: Homing

relating to an animal's ability to return to its territory

after travelling away from it.

"a strong homing instinct"

May 23-26th 2019

This retreat will be an opportunity to find ways into being ‘at home’ with our bodily experiences. How might we awaken a process of deepening that belonging to ourselves, that is always available as we come into contact with the ever-changing sensations, images, and feelings that arise in us through dancing.

Holding lightly this theme of ‘Homing’ we will look at practices that support listening to our dances and the dances of others. We will explore the heart as a gateway to ‘homing’ as we set forth with childlike curiosity and a simple joy exploring our own movement language, and what our body might have to say.

There will be invitations and improvisations that will lay the territory for re-connecting to our body-mind through simple actions. We will apply practices of image making, writing, and dancing both inside and out, in order to begin a dialogue between our heart, our sensations, and images that might become resourcing for us.

For content and bursary application: www.caitomos.com/www.sensingself.org

For info on venue & bookings: www.yogwwithmeriel.co.uk / merielgoss@hotmail.com


Includes accommodation, all meals, snacks, hot beverages, hot tub, fire circle, tuition.

Meals are organic and locally-srouced/home-grown when possible. Prices are all-inclusive for 1 person.

2 x double/single cabin £400 (or £300pp sharing)

3 x single cabin £360

1 x shared cabin (max 2 beds) £300

1 x shared room (max 3 beds) £300

Unwaged: 1 x £100 bursary to help with your costs.