Caroline Reid Retreat Weekends

27-30th June 2019

Caroline began practicing yoga in 1996 and soon after became interested in the work of

Vanda Scaravelli. This led her to a 2 year teacher training in London with John Stirk, Sophy Hoare and Pete Blackaby, who had all worked directly with Vanda. Since qualifying in 2002, Caroline has been teaching weekly classes & workshops in Bristol and further afield. She has also co-led workshops with Bill Wood.

Around 2000, Caroline began studying with Diane Long, who has been the main influence on her yoga practice ever since. Caroline has hosted many workshops with Diane in Bristol and travelled to work with her in London, Italy & India. In recent years Caroline has also been taught and inspired by Christine Borg. Caroline practices and studies Vedic Chanting.

“What a privilege it is to realize the beauty of living inside this body” Diane Long


“This way of doing yoga helped me find internal spaciousness and a sense of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before. It is so inspiring to share this with others. I love seeing people get more comfortable in their bodies. It is wonderful to experience the conversion of heaviness and dullness in the body into lightness. This process of transformation creates energy – an energy that breathes new life into the spine.

The exciting thing is that it’s like a secret which dwells within every body. As we peel away the layers of tension the treasure reveals itself. We become drawn towards subtle interior movements and connections.

There can be so much focus on our bodies from the outside, but the real magic lies on the inside!

I work flexibly and hands-on, offering lots of personal attention and encouragement. I use my hands to help draw your awareness to areas of tension, forcing or pulling. The emphasis is on releasing tension both before and as we move into an asana. Yoga should never ever feel forced!

We’re not trying to get the body to conform to an external model of what we think yoga is or what an asana should look like. We are more interested in finding space and freedom – the asanas unfold from that. “

Caroline has a fresh approach to teaching yoga – beautiful and gentle. Prepare to enjoy nurturing adjustment from warm wise hands.” Vicki

In my previous 10 years of doing yoga, I guess I had developed the subtle belief that yoga was supposed to feel like a stretchathon. Caroline encouraged me to explore movement without being too focused on the end position. Permission to enquire, play, open and learn. Caroline’s guidance is clear, accessible, honest and good humoured. In the space Caroline creates, I feel grateful for movement, my body and reminded of its boundless potential. A true gift for anyone. Very beautiful indeed!!……..” Adam

Caroline has a way of working that simply and clearly brings the body back into wholeness and in that process of integration aches and pains can disappear or lessen and there is a feeling of utter joy that comes through” Dominique

She is extremely skilled and gifted at using touch to guide her students to release tension and find freedom in the body. Her style of teaching requires the student to be explorative and playful and to take responsibility for being present in their body and experience a process of enquiry with each asana.” Suzanne

3 night yoga retreat, from Thursday 27th - Sunday 30th June 2019.

There are some spaces available (max 11 guests).

Three mornings of yoga, early evening silent sitting, nourishing, home grown/prepared food, hot tub, time and space to rest in nature and settle in to your softer self.

Cost (all inclusive) £300- £375. More info:

Contact or phone me: 07570 507494


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