3 hour workshop

20th October


These workshops offer you more time to evolve refinement in your practice and possible insightful changes to explore. We approach habitual patterns of tension you may hold somatically and find others ways towards intregated freedom in your body.

Curiosity and ease compel this work making use of observation and hands-on touch assistance. Meriel shares from her own Yoga practice her interpretation of the Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli introduced to her by Diane Long and Christine Borg.

These workshops are offered in small groups only (max. 10 people) to ensure individual 1:1 attention can be offered. All welcome.

When: Sunday 20th October, 2019 10am-1pm

Bookings: £35 via

Where: Cardiff Buddhist Centre, 12, St Peters Street, Cardiff CF24 3HT.

(The door to the studio is on Bedford Street, about 20m from the corner with St Peters Street.)

Facilities: The studio has mats, blankets, bolsters, changing facilities, a toilet, cups and a kettle for hot drinks.